Ayurvedic treatment of jaundice

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Ayurvedic treatment of jaundice
Ayurvedic treatment of jaundice

Jaundice is the absolute treatment in Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda physicians, if the boil of boozy leaves in hot water consumes it, then the relief from the disease is given quickly. Macau is the true medicine of jaundice and it can be consumed in any form beneficial for health.


Whenever the patient feels that his body is yellowing and it can cause jaundice then increase the amount of water as the amount of water emitted in the body is found in the blood when the amount of water is reduced. This makes the person’s condition worse.


Doctors say that even if raw papaya is taken as salad, the effect of jaundice is reduced. Many people believe that jaundice should not be sweet to the patient, while Ayurveda doctor does not believe that the patient of jaundice can cook cottage made from cow’s milk and roasted rasagulla comfortably, it is not harm to the patient but the benefit Transmits.


1. Take the grapes in the breakfast, the safflower papaya, the Nashpati and the wheat porridge. Instead of porridge one can eat bread.

2. Take the boiled spinach, fenugreek, carrot, two wheat chapati and gourd glasses in the main meal.

3. Coconut water and saffron juice should be taken at around two o’clock.

4. A cup of boiled vegetable soup in a dinner, two chapati of wheat, boiled potato and boiled leafy vegetables like fenugreek, spinach.

5. Take a glass of skim milk and take two teaspoons of honey after sleeping at night.

6. Do not use all fatty foods such as ghee, oil, butter, cream for at least 15 days.

7. Green leaves of radish are highly reversible in jaundice. It is better to drink and filter by grinding leaves and drinking. This will increase the appetite and the intestines will be clean.

8. Soak the coriander seeds in water overnight and then drink it in the morning. Drinking water containing coriander seeds is clean from the liver.

9. Soak a big spoonful of triphala in a glass of water for overnight. Drink this filter in the morning and drink it. Do this for 12 days.

10. Barley has the power to clean all the filth from your body with liver.

11. Vitamin C is found in tomato, hence it is rich in lycopene, which is an effective antioxidant. Therefore, tomato juice is beneficial in making the liver healthy.

12. Lemon benefits greatly for patients suffering from this disease. The patient should take 20 ml of lemon juice with water twice a day, three times a day.

13. In Amla too many Vitamin C is found. You can eat raw or dry the mangoes. Apart from this, it can also be used as a juice to clean the liver.

14. It is a natural remedy to clean the jersey liver. In the morning, empty stomach 4-5 basil leaves should be eaten.

15. When you are suffering from jaundice, you should drink sugar cane juice very seriously. This helps in improving jaundice immediately.

16. Make a glass of juice mixed with equal quantity of cabbage and carrot juice. Give this juice to the patient for a few days.

17. The patient should feed one plate papaya three times a day.

18. Tomato is very beneficial for jaundiced patients. Add a pinch of pepper and salt in a glass of tomato juice. Take this juice in the morning. This is a good home remedies for jaundice.

19. Wash neem leaves and extract juice from them. Give the patient a big spoon twice a day. This will improve jaundice significantly.

20. The jaundice patient should drink milk by boiling five buds of garlic in a glass of milk, also eat garlic buds. This will provide a lot of benefits.

21. After this, powdered quantity of butter or jelly oil can be used. Drink plenty of green vegetables and fruit juices.

22. Raw fruits and basil are highly beneficial fruits. Do not use pulses at all because the pulses can cause inflammation and rot in the intestines.

23. Lemon juice should be taken 3-4 times a day by checking the safety of the lemon juice mixed with water.


Avoiding jaundice:

1. People of jaundice should not eat flour, sweets, fried foods, more pepper spices, urad dal, lost, sweets.

2. People with jaundice should eat such food which can easily be digested like khichadi, porridge, fruits, vegetables etc.


Another experiment …
1. Make 100 grams powder of mustard oil

2. Mix 1 tablespoon of this powder in 100 grams yogurt and take it at 8-9 a.m.

3. Can add salt or sugar according to the taste


By taking one week continuously, the jaundice will get out of the way from the mall .. But ghee should be avoided for 10 days by adding fried cheese in a week, jaundice will end in a week.


Note: You will get the benefit of using the said process, and still have any hesitation in mind, then consult a doctor once. Keep reading our BDS post like this

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