Do good for others, it will be your own good

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Do good for others
Do good for others

The most thrilling decision you can make is that you invest in others, looking forward to such opportunities, I believe this is the strongest theory of progress and I have tried it, I remember, almost 10 years ago, Along with St. Louis, Tulsa was going to Oklahoma. On the way I was listening to Zig Ziglar tape.


In which he said that in life you will always have everything you want, provided you expect other people to get the things they want. All this happened within me as soon as I heard it and I said that I will do the same, help others This decision to find ways to invest in and invest in them changed my life.


I believe that developing greatness of others is a sign of true greatness, there are three keys to a more prosperous life, care for others, taking risks for others and sharing with others, I have found that really great people’s approach is unique He believes that he does not believe that he has not come to be accumulated.


Rather, through them, has come to flow to others, from what we get, we will only forgive our freedom, earn livelihood, but our life is made up of what we give, if you make others happy You will also be happy if you keep the goals.


People become the same that you encourage them to become, Ralph Waldo Emerson has said that if you believe in people, then they will be upright to you, if you behave in greatness towards them, then they will show themselves to be great Do not let people down, but rather raise their lifesaving life, Goethe’s advice is to treat them as they should be as they should be. Also help them to achieve greatness in accordance with their abilities.


The quality which we appreciate is the quality that increases the quality of life you can not make the best investment by trying to make others happy in life, the person who plays the small responsibilities firmly, will be chosen for greater responsibilities, like that servant of the Bible Who raised a pond for his master so much that he became the ruler of 10 cities.


There are two types of people in the world, one who says while entering the room, I came and there are other types of people who come in. Here, you are the identity of a good person. Good person feels good to others, help others find happiness


What you do for others God will do the same for you. Know that the Bible tells it in such a way that whatever good a person does, he will get it from

, you will always get interest on good work, When the path is illuminated, you get illuminated by yourself on the night, develop greatness in others.


There is no great work in this world than helping and helping someone else to succeed, the true meaning of life is to plant such trees in which you do not expect to sit, the great use of your life is that you Put an item for a person or person who persists even after your life, if you can not win, then help yourself ahead of breaking the record, invest in others. There is a lot of benefit.

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