The first learn to forgive should expect then forgiveness from anyone

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Living a harmless life is like trying to hold the parking brake while driving the car, it slows down your speed, and your progress stops, never forgive someone, one of the most expensive luxuries is the suppressed in the depth of your life. Like a deadly cancer, your mental peace crushes. And destroys any important part of life. The truth is that very few things are as pathetic and horrible as the person who has kept the hatred and hatred in his heart for years.


The most heaviest stuff you carry on your back is the burden of irritation, so if you want to travel far and fast, throw away the burden of your problems, jealousy, confusion, vengeance and fear of carrying less luggage. .


Never ignore the forgiveness of anyone, ignore the opportunity to forgive, the weak people can never forgive, because forgiveness is the virtue of powerful people, when you live a mind-boggling life, naturally retribution after that Now, but Partism is a big fraud, it looks so sweet but often it is bitter, we have to pay a lot to get retaliation. By trying to equalize you can never win

First of all, forgive forgiveness is your most intense need and supreme achievement without life forgiveness is entangled in the eternal cycle of vengeance, the terrible waste of energy is that where is Johan Lava-tor? The person who did not forgive any enemy, Taste not taste a lot of fun

For those who hurt you, it is the key to personal power. The world needs such peace that goes beyond all the misunderstandings. After forgiving you go on the path of action and independence.

The rope of the rope can never be opened, you will never burn your bridges. You will find that you have to cross the river many times, the Unpleasantness is hollow, but forgiveness makes the future bright, your day is “the right step “If you ask yourself everyday, who should forgive me.

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