For those troubled by leanness, these simple solutions

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Are you too thin and want to be fat or you think that if you wait for some method or trick to be fat, then we are bringing you some easy home remedies which you can do to increase your weight. .


Give more space to protein and fat in food

The second place after exercise is to give food more protein and fat than food, it helps in increasing weight / obesity. Protein and fatty food contain milk, curd, butter, cheese and non-vegetarian people can take fish, egg, mutton but soybean, sprouts, black gram, peanuts are considered to be the cheapest and most beneficial.


course meal

It is not so much for being overweight / obese that you ate too much in the morning and then sat down at night, it is a wrong way. It would be better if you take a good meal three times a day and you must have some snacks every 2 hours. Chew the food chew and eat and eat fruits and vegetables in the food.



Snakes also help to be fat, you can take snacks (sandwiches, biscuits, samosas etc.) in between the main food of the day three times. Dried fruits such as almonds, cashews, raisins make both your body and mind healthy. You can also take salad instead of snacks and take milk shake and juice with them too.


Yoga // exercise

Some people think that it can only be fat by eating more and more, then it is absolutely wrong because doing so only increases the fat and your body starts to become useless, so do not do it at all because of doing so Heart and respiratory diseases may also occur. The first and early requirement to increase the weight is because of ‘exercise’, the body’s mumps opens, hunger is more and the food is digested properly and the body is strong and if the appetite seems less then immediately before eating Do some exercise



As water, food, swans are essential for life, sleep is also very important. The body is very important with regular yoga, because of which metabolism increases, which is the main reason for the body being lean or fat. Take at least 8 hours of sleep. If you are doing proper exercise then you will definitely get sleepy. After weighing exercise on the gym, the body gets only from the comfort, deep and good sleep. Apart from this, gold is considered very beneficial for some time in the day.


Drink more water

Take more water in your food because now you exercise to increase weight, taking more quantity of food and taking more fat and protein, so drink four liters of water everyday, toxic substances outside the body and drinking water Pull it in the right way and make the body move faster. Drinking water prevents strength and does not experience weakness in exercise


Be happy

Being happy is the biggest medicine and you should take care of one thing that when you are not worried and not happy, you cannot become fat or you cannot increase your weight and if the weight gets increased, it will increase your weight. The curse will become so that the boys remain anxious and happy, because it is the most precious thing of life.


Apart from all this, there are some Ayurvedic medicines that help you increase your weight.


  1. Chyavanprash

Chyavanprash is very beneficial for the body and is easily available. If it is taken with milk or juice, it immediately and rapidly affects and strengthens the body.


  1. Ginger

This is the medicine used in the food at home. It keeps the stomach perfect and is very effective in blood circulation, lack of appetite, indigestion, flatulence, nausea and chills.


  1. Ashwagandha

This is a very famous medicine. It strengthens the whole body and strengthens the digestive system, and besides it also reduces stress.


Note: You will get the benefit of using the stated procedure, and still have any hesitation in mind, then consult a doctor once. Keep reading our BDS post like this and keep getting advantage.

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