Learn how long the giraffe’s neck elongated the popular story

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At the beginning of the creation, God gave the Giraffe a normal leg and neck like the other animals, at which time the giraffa was very similar to the larger Samba. Everything was going well, Giraffe was also satisfied. But a year of famine and drought All the animals started roasting with hunger and thirst, because all the water had dried up and all the grass was already taken, but it was dried. Even after eating dry grass, the animals finished it. There was nothing except the dry barbed branches and yellow and hard turquentine grass. Animals go for miles and miles every day in search of water and food, where there are some water cages left. This was the time when most healthy and powerful animals could survive.

One day in the Giraffe drought plains where sandy cyclones roamed like a monster and warm sunshine was on the horizon, his friend met with Rhino. They both came in search of a water jar along. Both of these hard times and food started talking about the famine of water.

“Oh friend look how all the animals are roaming around looking for food in this dry field. But look at those trees of Palash. “Giraffe said
” I am! “The rhinoceros simply shook because it is not too talkative even today.
“How good would it be if we reach the highest number of trees where there are gentle fragile new leaves. There we can get enough food, but neither can I go on the tree nor do you. “Giraffe continued to say.

The rhinoceros raised up and looked, really the trees had a thick silk sprinkling of green leaves.

“Ashaad, we should go to the magician. He is a man who is very powerful and intelligent.” Rhino cheated the dry cast and said, thinking it.
“Wow what have you got to know? Let’s go to friends, where do you go from? Will he really be able to help us? “Giraffe was curious.

Both friends would keep on going till sunset, just to drink water once in a gratery cuddle. After a long journey, they reached halfway through the middle of the night. After a little rest, he walked again, he had gone in the morning, and finally he reached the magician and placed his problem in front of him.

The sorcerer laughed, “Oh, this is very easy for me. You come here tomorrow afternoon and I’ll give you magic herbs to eat. Which will make your legs and neck so tall that you will be able to reach the summit of trees. “The magician got busy preparing the herb and was happy to enjoy the rhinoceros and giraffes at the nearby water cage. Went for

At the appointed time, only the giraffe reached the magician’s cottage and the rhinoceros went behind, because he had got a piece of green grass behind that which was somehow avoided by the sight of other animals. And the greedy rhinoceros became so busy with the grass that Hubbub Hubbard was in foraying that he was left behind from the giraffe and did not even remember to reach the magician’s hut till noon.

Even after waiting for a long delay, the magician did not wait too much for the giraffe, he gave all the herbs to the giraffe and went himself into his cottage saying, “Eat it early, or else its effect will end.” Will go. ”

The poor Giraffe did not want to eat whole herb even after not wanting. The accounts began to strike in his neck and legs and suddenly he felt that he was going upstairs from the earth. It was a strange but fun experience. Giraffe stopped the eyesight with the thrill, when it was opened, the whole world was changed. He was very uprooted in the air, seeing miles. He looked at his long legs and neck and smiled. Magic worked! He found that on the same length he had the top of the green leaves of palash trees. His happiness was not ruled.

On the other hand, when the rhinoceros were remembered, when the entire piece of grass was past, then he ran away to the magician’s hut and ran away. There the door was closed. he was late. He saw there a long gorgeous giraffe, which was enjoying eating the leaves of the upper branches, had nothing to do with the other animals, all the food of the upper branches was his own.

Then he knocked on the door of the cottage. The magician said, “You have come late to finish all the herbs.” Rhino felt that the magician had betrayed him, he got angry, he raised his horn nose and attacked the man Ran and continued running after her until she went in hiding in the woods.

On that day and today the rhinoceros became very angry, whenever he sees people, he remembers the long tails and neck given to the giraffe’s giraffe and he raises the horn of his nose and runs behind the men.

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