Why lion does not eat fruit – English story

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lion fruit
lion fruit

There was a jackal named Mabawah, one day he searched for a tree called the fruit that was planted. He gathered ripe fruits fallen from the tree and just saturated with the taste of it, that he heard the tiger coming from far away. That clever jackal thought that –


‘It looks like the lion is hungry, do not let it come here and eat these sweet fruits and eat it. He became worried that everyone knows that the lion is the king of the forest, and being a king, his hunger is very high. And he considers his right to take away all the food and eat it. There is no one’s courage to stop him from doing so.


The lion’s trenches were heard coming from nearby, but till now the clever cair has discovered the trick to save the sweet fruit from the lions. As soon as the lion was approaching, he quickly started eating a pile of fruit, he realized that the lion was watching him eat quickly like greedy, then suddenly the ground fell and started fluttering and began to moan Then he became calm and stable like a dead animal;


The lion thought that these fruits would be toxic, then only these stupid cats have died eating them. The lion returned to its path. After being away from his eyes, Baba got up, ate the fruit of the remaining lush and remembered that near the drain there was a skeleton of another jackal. He picked it up and slammed it near the fruit peels, right there where he pretended to be his dead. Jair was returning to his cave when he was happy with his ideas.


After a few weeks, when the tiger passed near the fruit tree, the tree was in the same way with the red lush fruit, it was a hunger, he stepped on a few steps, and there was a scar on the poor greedy jackal. He was nurturing the eagle. He remembered that Oh, this is the skeleton of Makawah. He was like a greedy gourd here, was eating hawks like these fruits, and then fell down on his knees. He vowed that he would no longer eat any fruit of a tree.


Then day and day of the day was the tiger, did the tree stop eating the fruit of a tree? With this, the small animals living in the jackal and other trees were very happy that as a king, the lions would not be able to clear their hands at least at their meal. Now they do not share their fruits with lions, they can eat fruits as they wish.

According to the African story, such a lion left to eat fruit.

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